6 Habits That Can Transform Your Productivity

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Living a productive life means making the most of all your time. Yes, productivity covers your work, relationship, fun and everything you can ever think of.

Because, to be productive in your relationship, you have to be productive in your work; and to be productive in your work, you have to also be productive in your relationship.

The bottom line is, success is define by how productive you live your life, from how you spend your time, to how you have fun, your behavior and performance at work, plus your relationship, your productivity in all this areas is what defines your success.

Here are 6 Habits That Can Transform Your Productivity

6 Habits That Can Transform Your Productivity

1. Learn to Work Smarter not harder

This is the age of smart work not hard work, automate what can automate and do what you can do with your hand. Hard work is good, but smart work pays more.

2. Be Positive

Be Positive in everything you do. A positive attitude inspires you and those around you to do more.

3. Exercise

Do some push up, take a walk, ride a bicycle, etc. Exercise helps energies your body and stimulate blood flow which is good for your health and performance. Make exercise part of your daily habit.

4. Fight off Procrastination

Procrastination is your number one enemy, if you want to live a productive life, you have to fight it off. If you keep postponing what you can do now till tomorrow, you may not get anything do

5. Don’t joke with your sleep

Sleep is good for the body, the brain and your overall performance. Denying yourself good moment of sleep is limiting your productivity. Take some good moment to rest so that you can recharge your life, strengthen your body and inspire your creativity

6. Have a to do list

I’m a fan of a to do list, apart from keeping your time in check, it always help you segment your daily activities. A to do list is a good way to fight off procrastination and stay focus.

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