Prevention in the age of Corona Virus Pandemic

Corona Virus

By Duwei Biteboye MD So Firstly, we all know what prevention means. And if you are in doubt it is simply the act of stopping something from happening or arising.   Especially, when it is something undesirable.   Numerous times have we heard the wise saying of prevention is better than cure, this is because … Read more

How to Wear Face Mask Correctly

How to wear Face Mask Correctly

Wearing a face mask can help give you some sense of security against COVID-19, but if you are not wearing it correctly, you are doing yourself more harm than good. You probably would have heard that face mask can shield you from COVID-19 and help contain the spread of the virus, while this is very … Read more

How to overcome the frustration barrier

frustration barrier

The gap between failure and success is very thin, the only thing holding you back is your ability to take advantage of your surroundings, your skills, and your passion. One of the main hindrances that prevent most people from attaining their full potential is what we called the frustration barrier. The frustration barrier is the … Read more

This is Why some drugs don’t work for everybody


Have you ever wondered why some drugs work well for one person but are ineffective for another?  A recent study, using human gut bacteria and a mouse model might help explain why. For years, we’ve often seen bacteria as organisms to avoid but research and studies have suggested that some bacteria especially gut bacteria are … Read more