The Miscommunication and Stereotypes associated with youth engagement

By Adoewori Fredrick The continuous misconception about youths around the world is alarming, thereby causing discomfort in youth engagement in global activities. Over the years, misconceptions on youths had led to lack of trust and integrity in youth engagement and involvement in political, social and economic activities. Youth engagement is a sustainable connection young persons … Read more

Top 30 Inspirational Love Quotes and Saying

love quotes

If you are in love or finding your way to love, let these 30 Inspirational Love Quotes and saying inspire your love journey. Because, In order to have a healthy relationship with a person, you have to be brave enough to ask tough questions, share inspirational love quotes and stories and have those deeper conversations … Read more

How to find true love

How to find true love

If you are looking for “How to find true love” or how to grow your relationship then this article is for you. In order to guide you in your quest for love, we need to understand the concept of love. What is love? How does it work? Is there anything like true love? What is … Read more

20 inspiring quotes on friendship

inspiring quotes on friendship

A good friend makes life interesting and challenges bearable. They are like sunshine, they brighten your day and help you achieve your goals. They are like rain, they water every hard shadow and gives you a reason to smile. These  20 inspiring quotes on friendship will inspire and strengthen the way you look at friendship. … Read more